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Have you ever wondered how to make decisions or a better question is why to make decisions? Your decisions have the power that affects and decide the course of a whole life.

Believe it, your decisions have an effect on your life your decision affects each and every moment of your life, and each and every moment of our lives we are making some kind of decision.

We all have a different life, and yet we all are common. In the end, we all are humans, and we all make decisions. But some amongst us are more successful than others.

What's the difference? How come some people get more success than others? Do our decisions affects us? Well, those are some weighty questions, but they all have answers to them.

Your decisions have the power to pave the path of your life. Your decision affects each moment of your life as you are making some kind of decision every second. But do you know how you are making decisions every second?

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Wait Late: Why Waiting Is Not The Right Option And Execution Is
Unbeatable Confidence: Learn How To Forge The Ornament Of Self Confidence
Crush It On: A Guide With Tips And Tricks On How to Crush It On Social Media

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About Manan Verma

Author And Founder/CEO Of Paper2Publish

Manan Verma is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and youngest self-help author of India. He is the Founder and CEO (Chief Experience And Executive Officer) of Paper2publish.

Manan is working to give the education system an upgrade. He has authored three books (one of which is available for free for everyone) and started various companies and has also authored three online courses based on mind, soul, and gain.

He believes in offering an experience so great to his customers that they start to love the experience itself. He believes that every customer is his best friend. He is on a mission to direct the course of humanity and strongly believes that everyone got a shot at directing the course of humanity.

He believes that everyone has an author in them because everyone has a story to share and that no matter how small or big an idea is. Believe it can make an impact and it will.


Manan Verma is the Founder and CEO (Chief Experience And Executive Officer) of Paper2publish. Paper2publish main goal is to turn writers to published authors within 30 days with a 30 day paper to publish program. Apart from that Paper2Publish offers many more book related services at a 60% less price than the market. Services like publishing of book, ISBN allocation are freely available.

Moreover, children of age 11 and below can enroll in 30 day paper to publish program for free.




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