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My New Bestselling Book

You Decide: Power Of Decision Making And How Your Decisions Affects Your Life

#1 Amazon Bestseller In Business, Strategy And Management And #6 In Self-Help E-Books

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Decisions lead to peace and have led to the biggest wars of humanity has ever seen. Decisions play a part in uniting and dividing countries, people, etc. Decisions are the force responsible for the rise and downfall of empires. Decisions are what makes an individual successful. In simple words, our decisions govern our lives.

We all have a unique life, and yet we all are common. In the end, we all are humans, and we all make decisions. But some amongst us are more successful than others. What's the difference? How come some people get more success than others? Do our decisions affects us? How to make good decisions? Why make decisions? Well, those are some weighty questions, but they all have answers to them.

Your decisions have the power to pave the path of your life, and your life can be whatever you want it to be. This book will help you understand one very simple but broad word, 'decision.' You will understand why decisions lead to success and fulfilment of dreams. The secrets to living your dream life are in the book waiting for you to just make a bold decision. The only question is, Are you willing to make that decision?

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About Manan Verma

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Bestselling Author And Entrepreneur

Manan Verma is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and youngest self-help author of India. He is the Founder and CEO (Chief Experience And Executive Officer) of Paper2publish.

Manan is working to give the education system an upgrade. He has authored five books (one of which is available for free for everyone) and started various companies and has also authored three online courses based on mind, soul, and gain.

He believes in offering an experience so great to his customers that they start to love the experience itself. He also is the founder of Future Beyond 2050 an initiative aimed at bringing together Genz leaders and together inherit the world that we deserve not what we get by working on big solutions.