Early Years

Manan Verma was born in Jwalapur, Uttarakhand, India. He completed school in the year 2019. He is interested in starting companies and doing the work which changes the world in some way or another. He is selling since he was 7 years old and started his first company while he was still in school. At the age of 15, he started a profitable computer project making company for students in the school, this was his first company.

From early childhood, he is interested in understanding how things work and how to make new things.

In his own words "Science is one of my favorite topics it is a never-ending topic you are always on the edge and then something new pops up."

Author Now

He has already written 3 books that were published in 2018, 2019, 2020 respectively. One of the books is free for everyone. He is working on some new books. His latest book is going to be published on 30-September-2020. After that, he is looking forward to writing 5 more books and getting them published in the following months.

Back in 2018, he started a company mind-soul-gain based around self-help education for kids and under which authored and created three online courses. There are over 7000 people enrolled in his online courses. Now the company is known as Dewdrop Academy.

Creativity Has No Limits

He is always interested to try out new ideas and opportunities. So, he started a hand-printed t-shirt company in 2018-2019 with a friend.

His startup was also selected as a Startup Uttarakhand grand challenge finalist. One of the biggest events for startups in India.

Currently, he is the Founder and CEO of Paper2Publish. A company with the main focus to help anyone to become a worldwide published author in 30 days. Along with that Paper2Publish offers many more services.

Apart from working at Paper2Publish and writing books, he is passionate about learning ancient history and science. In science, his favorite topics to learn and work on are human immortality, black holes, asteroid mining, planet colonization, space elevator, surpassing the sleep cycle.

In his own words "Some ideas are fantasy but sooner or later with hard work fantasy takes form."

One of his hobbies is to collect coins and design new products. He also do graphic design. Apart from that, he is also interested in scriptwriting. He is looking forward to work in a movie and also sing some songs. In activities, He likes to play chess and badminton. He also do some really good card magic.

Creativity Is All Around Us

The most I love is space, science, and health. The topics I put first in this are asteroid mining, colonies on different planets, human immortality, space elevator, surpassing the sleep cycle, and more. My long term goal is to start companies in these fields mainly in space travel along with finding a way to surpass the sleep cycle (our brain and body needs rest and our body gets it by sleep. While we sleep our body keeps functioning but imagine if a person is awake 24 hours working 12 hours with his brain and then 12 hours with an implant as in a chip with the consciousness of that person) This can help in space exploration, human immortality, life extension. My long term goal is to make this possible, to start companies in these fields.

šŸ†Presenting My Startup IdeašŸ†

This video is from 2019 when I presented my idea on how i am changing the education system in a boot camp organised by the government of uttarakhand.